The Mentoring department gives the future leaders the tools needed to design and carry out an activity, by boosting skills such as communications, designing, planning and implementing activities.
The participants are trained by leaders one year older than themselves, and have the opportunity to also become Team Leaders. These leaders who take an active role in the projects will later become Managers.
The successful and decisive managers will have the option to become CEO, that is to say, total responsibilty over the entire organisation or a department.

Computer Lab

The computer lab operates on two tracks - Hardware and Software. Participants can join one or both of these programs, according to their preferences.
The hardware program is all about fixing computers - taking old donated computers, fixing them and donating them back to the community after personalization to the client's need.
The software program is about learning software development skills, mainly website design and developent.
As a result of recent donations, we are now the proud owners of a state-of-the-art computer lab.

Model UN

The Model UN (TIMEMUN) is an event which takes place once a year in the American School in Even-Yehuda. In this event, kids from all over the country gather in groups, and each group represents a country. The groups have to learn all about the country policies and arguments around different issues, as they will represent them in debates throught the 3-day event. All of the debates are carried out in English. This program is not only very educational, it's also very good to learn and practice English, debating skills, meeting new people from around the country, and most importantly, it's fun.

Recycling Project

The Recycling Project is an initiative to collect and recycle bottles in order to fund out expeditions.