Yael Angadia

Yael joined SYL at the age of 13 because she was passionate to do something more with her life. She wanted to make a difference and SYL provided the platform. She has been with us for 4 years and during this time has finished her Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, is involved with the Dance Group of Sderot, and has been promoted through the organisation due to her continuous commitment to the development of other kids within the programs. She has shown outstanding leadership skills which have led to her taking on the role of CEO.

Ron Peretz

Ron Peretz – Manager of the computer lab, reporting to Yael Angadya. Ron joined us in 2010 at the age of 14 and has been instrumental in helping Zachi Avatichi build the computer club. Ron developed his computer skills at SYL, coming twice a week to the club and working at home. He realised that these skills would be of great use to him for his future career. Ron has developed strong leadership skills coupled with excellent technical skills in computer hardware maintenance.

Advisory Board:

Sahar Ziv

Sahar Ziv started in SYL back in 2008 with the wish to transform his surrondings. Sahar has vast amount of motivation and dedication and quickly became a mentor and a manager in the program. By 2012 Sahar had become the effective manager of all the operations of SYL.
Sahar joined the IDF Intelligence Force by 2012, and managed to keep helping the program from afar. By 2013 Sahar went through Officers Training and is now an active officer and a team leader in the army.
Sahar now takes the role of the chairman while keeping close tabs with the rest of the crew.

Herb Levine

Herb Levine is one of the founders of SYL, an American that made Aliya back in the 70's. Herb had served in numerous social roles throught his career, dealing mostly with youth. Herb believes in connecting people together, and is the main contact for expeditions outside Israel such as The Open Hearts Open Homes in Bergen County, NJ, USA. He has also taken it upon himself to strengthen the participants' English skills, and has created a couple of programs in this respect, most notably the Model UN. Herb takes a big role in finding and exploring collaborations with new organisations and companies.

Boris Halfin

Boris Halfin founded the SYL with Herb Levine back in 2008. With background in the Naval Academy, Electric Engineering, and Project Managment, and being an active IYA memeber, Boris managed the group, pushed it forward, taught most of the lessons and made the first generation of leaders which were soon to start teaching themselves. Boris kept on working hard with leaders and new participants to make the program expand and make the leaders ever more capable.

Nitza Bulka

Nitza Bulka joined the SYL in 2012 as a volunteer funded by IAY/Yedidim to help and support the ongoing activities. Nitza fell in love with the leaders and the program, and has been part of the SYL ever since. Nitza now takes the role of a co-ordinator between the SYL and offical parties such as the municipality.

Zachi Avatichi

Zachi Avatichi is a certified geek, who joined in order to form the computer lab in 2011, with the idea of creating more geeks, and pushing kids who love computers to achieve their goals and get their hands dirty with hardware and software alike. Zachi is a volunteer, a student of philosophy and psychology and works in a high-tech startup.